What month is Leo on the horoscope?

Answer According to "The Complete Book of Astrology," Leos are those with birth dates from July 23 to August 23. People with a Leo sign are generally self-assured, witty and intelligent. They can also be ... Read More »

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If girl had unprotected sex from the 12th up to 19th of the month and period normally comes on 29th of the month then she could get pregnant on that month?

Could you be pregnant if you stopped taking the pill a month ago and had a strange 4-day period last month and you are 6 days late for your period this month but a pregnancy test was negative?

Answer Unlikely. Its most likely a effect from stopping the pill.

How to Write a Horoscope?

The key is to make it sound specific, while actually being vague. When reading a horoscope, people tend to say "That sure does sound like me," or "That did happen to me," because they are trying to... Read More »

Is there any truth in horoscope compatibility?

On One Hand: There is no Scientific EvidenceIn 2007, Dr. David Voas from the University of Manchester in England studied the astrological signs of 20 million spouses in Great Britain and found no l... Read More »