What month during pregnancy do you start having contractions?

Answer Answer Not actually a month during the term of a pregnancy but more likely the day the baby is going to start to arrive!

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What can you do to start having contractions?

I was admitted Sunday night, had baby boy Monday night, d/c Wednesday afternoon.

I am 35 weeks into the pregnancy. I was having regular and painful contractions 3 to 5 minutes apart for 6 hours when they stopped. What is happening?

You could be having what they call braxton hicks contractions...this is your uterus preparing for your baby to be born...Congrats on your pregnancy!Or you could be going in to Labor!

If you eat chilli will you start having contractions?

There are certain herbs that are known to cause contractions in pregnancy. This is not good, because such contractions are not normal, they may be premature and cause damage. Such herbs should be a... Read More »

You are having lower abdomen pain regularly and now into 12 th week of pregnancy and yesterday had severe uterine contractions Is it normal?

Answer Anytime you are concerned please contact you midwife. All the best to you!!!