What month does the earth receive the greatest amount of solar energy?

Answer The earth receives the greatest amount of solar energy in January. This happens because the orbit of the Earth puts it at its closest to the sun at this time. The earth actually only receives a sma... Read More »

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In what month does earth receive the greatest average amount of solar energy?

The Earth orbits the sun in the shape of an ellipse. The earth is closest to the sun during the month of January, and therefore receives the most radiation. The oceans regulate and maintain an aver... Read More »

During which phases does the moon reflect the greatest amount of sunlight toward the earth?

The moon is not a direct source of light, but only reflects sunlight. The phases of the moon are measured only in terms of how much light is reflected back towards the earth. Therefore, a full moon... Read More »

What month does google earth get updated?

New Google Earth satellite imagery is added approximately every 2 weeks or a twice a month. Street View imagery is updated on its own schedule. The same imagery that is added for Google Earth is av... Read More »

What organic molecule stores the greatest amount of energy?

Lipids, which include oils and fats, are the organic molecules that store the greatest amount of energy. Every gram of a lipid stores 9 kilocalories of energy. By comparison, other organic molecule... Read More »