What model number is the Fantom Cyclone XT vacuum cleaner?

Answer The Fantom Cyclone XT upright bagless vacuum cleaner had a model number of XT450K. Fantom Technologies declared bankruptcy and went out of business in October 2001. A Chinese company purchased the ... Read More »

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What model is the Fantom Cyclone XT vacuum cleaner?

The model number for the Fantom Cyclone XT vacuum is "XT450K." In 2002, after undergoing financial difficulties and reducing their workforce through layoffs, Fantom ceased operations and sold the r... Read More »

What is the model number of your Kenmore upright vacuum cleaner serial number m53408336?

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What is Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner?

How do you replace the belt after taking the cover off of a fantom fury vacuum cleaner?

You slide out the roller brush and put belt around it and slide it back in. Then you put belt onto the motor. The roller brush is a little hard to slide out.