What model is the Mini-14 that was made in the 70s?

Answer The Ruger Mini-14 Rifle was introduced in 1974 and retailed for $200 in its first appearance in Ruger's 1976 catalog. Since then, the Mini-14 has gone through seven model variations, the most rece... Read More »

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What was the first car model that Honda made?

Honda was founded in 1948. The company originally sold motorcycles and scooters. In 1970, Honda introduced their first car. It was called the Honda N600. It was powered by a 36-horsepower two-cylin... Read More »

Can i run Xcode on the latest model of Mac Mini the new Mac Mini?

Any recent Mac with an Intel processor will be able to run the current version of Xcode. The G4 processor is very old and you will not find much software that still works with it.f you are a Flas... Read More »

What model is mr bean's mini?

How can i tell what model my hp mini is?

Check this HP link for the correct location