What mobile phone is faster than iPhone 3GS?

Answer Define 'better'.

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Do you know which mobile phone is better than iPhone?

I've never used an iPhone ~ they're a bit pricey for my liking ~ I just have quite an old Sony Ericsson that I really love ~ pikkys, video, MP3, Radio, phoning and texting is what I use it for ~ I ... Read More »

What is the differnce between an Android mobile phone and an iPhone mobile phone?

The OS (operating systems) of the phones ideally are mainly what separate these two phone types. It is because of the operating systems that apps have to be specific to the OS. Apple runs the IOS w... Read More »

Is the iPhone 3GS faster than the 3G?

here in the Philippines it'll cost u around 15k to buy an Iphone 2g , but its 2nd hand already.

I dont know what phone to get its either T-mobile G1 or iPhone 3G?

Smarten up and get a MOTOROLA TracfoneTheir crap JimmiesB12343