What mixed drinks can you make with Jager, coconut rum, raspberry vodka& whiskey?

Answer Raspberry vodka can be used to make a raspberry Russian when mixed with Kahlua and raspberry cosmos, made with triple sec and lime juice. Whiskey is an ingredient in mint juleps, manhattans and whi... Read More »

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Mixed Drinks With Pomegranate-Flavored Vodka?

Pomegranate vodka becomes more popular as an ingredient in mixed drinks. Once popular only in martinis, pomegranate vodka has made its way into the world of mixed drinks. Bartenders worldwide use t... Read More »

What are some good mixed drinks to make?

I don't care for liquors.However, my drink of choice would be a light pink champagne. :)Sweet w strawerries.Mixing?What about simple spritzer?

How to Make Low Calorie Vodka Drinks?

Whether you're watching your weight or seek a lighter alternative to full-bodied beer or sugary cocktails, you can have your booze and drink it too. One type of liquor that combines well with numer... Read More »

Can Coconut Oil Mixed With Moska Oil Make Hair Grow Fast?

Mixing coconut oil with Moska oil cannot increase the speed at which hair grows given that all hair grows and rests at a genetically pre-determined rate. However, applying the mixed oils to the hai... Read More »