What mitre saw is right for me?

Answer On One Hand: Small, Simple Mitre SawSmall, simple mitre saws have several benefits. First, they can complete most jobs that a larger mitre saw can do just as well. Secondly, because of their size, ... Read More »

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What is a mitre saw?

A mitre saw is a woodworking tool used in conjunction with an adjustable frame guide that allows a user to make accurate angled cuts in wood. The use of the frame guide means that the same angle of... Read More »

How to Use a Mitre Box for Angles?

A world made of straight lines would make construction much easier, but there are angles and corners in every building. Cutting wood and other materials by hand to fit these angles and corners and ... Read More »

About Mitre Saw Cuts?

A miter cut is any cut other than 90 degrees. A miter cut is two cuts calculated to join two pieces of material together by using degrees of angles that add up to 90 degrees. Usually, on most commo... Read More »

How to Place Wood in a Mitre Box?

It might seem simple to cut miters. But if you don't follow a few basic principles you won't get good results with a hand-operated miter box. And with all the differing profiles of molding, one siz... Read More »