What misconception about Wikipedia is most damaging to society at large?

Answer This may be the 30,000-foot view, but I think Wikipedia does the most damage to society by creating the illusion that "regular people" can be responsible for credible, reliable stores of knowledge.... Read More »

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Is the proportion of gays on wikipedia higher than in normal society?…1,137 Wikipedians openly identify themselves as LGBT.Edit:There is a list of gay people…You can count the number... Read More »

How large is Wikipedia and how do I download it?

You can't download it it doesn't work like that.And Wikipedia does not get published into a hardcopy

The wikipedia pages in my laptop are displayed in very large fonts. how do i fix it?

Is there a misconception about cholesterol?

Risk for cardiac disease is assessed by dividing the total cholesterol level by the HDL level. Target values are