What mineral does aquamarine come from?

Answer The March birthstone known as aquamarine comes from the mineral beryl, which is a colorless stone when in its pure form. The aquamarine is the blue-green variety of beryl, while another precious ge... Read More »

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What rock does aquamarine come from?

Aquamarine is a made of beryllium aluminium silicate with the presence of iron, which gives it the bluish green to blue hue. Aquamarine is formed naturally in igneous rocks by magma that cools and ... Read More »

What group of stones does an aquamarine come from?

Aquamarine is a blue to blue-green gemstone that belongs to the beryl class of minerals. It is associated with the ocean, and was often treasured by Greek and Roman sailors as ensuring safe passage... Read More »

What is the mineral aquamarine used for?

Aquamarine, meaning "sea water" in reference to its color, is the modern birthstone for March and is often used as a gemstone in jewelry. Wearing aquamarine is said to preserve love and ensure trut... Read More »

Where is the mineral aquamarine formed?

Aquamarine forms in granite vugs (mineral-lined cavities also called bugholes) and pegmatites (a kind of coarse granite that may contain rare elements), commonly in connection with garnet, phenakit... Read More »