What mineral are computer chips made from?

Answer Computer chips are made from a mineral known as silicon. Though silicon is not the only material used to produce computer chips, it is the easiest and cheapest material to fashion into complicated ... Read More »

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What element are computer chips made from?

Computer chips are made from silicon, a material that is both cheap and abundant. It is also a natural semiconductor that can either conduct electricity or can be turned into an insulator. Computer... Read More »

What is mineral oil made with?

Mineral oil is a petroleum-based byproduct resulting from the distillation of crude oil. It consists of compounds of hydrogen and carbon called alkanes and paraffins. Mineral oil is cheap to produc... Read More »

How are chocolate chips made?

Scores of packages of chocolate chips line household cupboards waiting to be made into tasty cookies, pies, muffins and cakes. The chip begins as a cacao bean, and is processed into the familiar te... Read More »

How are poker chips made?

It is common knowledge that the poker chips found in inexpensive home sets are plastic disks formed by injection molding technology. Professional-grade chips are a different story, however. Until t... Read More »