What military rank is E-4?

Answer The military rank of an E-4 is a Corporal or a Specialist in the Army, a Petty Officer Third Class in the Navy and Coast Guard, a Corporal in the Marines and a Senior Airman in the Air Force.Source... Read More »

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Any conduct where one military member regardless of service or rank causes another military member regardless of service or rank to suffer or be exposed to an activity which is cruel abusive?

What military rank is SPC?

In the military, "SPC" represent a specialist. Typically available to enlisted Army personnel after two years of service, the title designates a person who can supervise lower-level enlisted servic... Read More »

What is the military rank Brg?

It could mean Brigadier General which is a one star general

What military rank is a GS-13?

Government employees classified as a GS-13 are equivalent to the military rank of O-5. An O-5 is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army, Marines and Air Force. In the Navy and Coast Guard, an O-5 is a Co... Read More »