What microprocessors are used in apple iPods?

Answer to eat apples and break the ipod to make apple more money fixing them

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What are all the types of Apple iPods?

Ipod Shuffle Ipod NanoIpod ClassicIpod Touch

Which architecture is used in computer microprocessors?

Computer microprocessors use two types of architecture: CISC or RISC. CISC is the acronym for complex instruction set computer and requires more complex circuitry to decode its instructions. RISC s... Read More »

What is a good and easy video converter for apple ipods?

f you are looking for an useful video converter, I recommend you WinX Video Converter Platinum…It supports so many devices and video formats, such as: iPod... Read More »

Is apple ipods a toy or a computer?

Neither. It's like a MP3, just Apples version