What methods are there to avoid a breech birth?

Answer The risks of vaginal breech delivery can be avoided by delivering the baby through a surgical procedure (cesarean section, also known as c-section). For the past twenty years, cesarean section has ... Read More »

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What treatment exists for resolving a breech birth?

If a fetus is in the breech position in the last weeks of pregnancy, there are three possible courses of action: Cesarean section, attempted version, or vaginal breech delivery.

Can a breech birth cause scoliosis?

The exact cause of infantile scoliosis is unknown. However, some theories point to breech birth as a possible reason. The theory is that if a pelvic imbalance caused the scoliosis, this could have ... Read More »

What Is the Cost of Various Birth Control Methods?

The cost of birth control varies depending on the method. A male condom, for example, costs an average of $1.50 to $3.50 per use. Birth control pills cost an average of $20 to $35 a month, and IUSs... Read More »

The Methods of Child Birth?

Choose a childbirth education class that supports a woman's ability to give birth. Become informed concerning medical procedures, risks, and how to work with your body in labor. Be prepared for bre... Read More »