What metal is used in jewelry and photography?

Answer It is silver. Technically it's silver nitrate, but today's photography uses electrons to print to a memory card.

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What metal is used in photography?

Prior to the advent of digital imaging during the 1980s, most conventional photography was silver-based, although historically other metals, most notably Platinum were also used to produce permanen... Read More »

Which metal is used in flashlight photography?

What is the best and worst metal for body jewelry?

316L surgical grade stainless steel is fine. The very cheap metal like alloy or something maybe will cause allergic .But are you sure it's real one only for 1.99$ ? You shall make sure first.

How to Make Metal Jewelry?

Designing your own original metal jewelry can be very satisfying. Not only can you express yourself, but you can also save money. Creating a pair of earrings would be the perfect project to begin ... Read More »