What metal detector is best for relic hunting?

Answer On One Hand: White's DFX series is an excellent metal detectorWhite's DFX series of metal detectors excels in just about every measure of a metal detector. The DFX has nine modes of operation to h... Read More »

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Will clothes with metal snaps make the airport metal detector go off?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) must follow certain guidelines when screening passengers through metal detectors. You should avoid wearing clothing containing significant amounts o... Read More »

What will a metal detector do to a laptop?

Taking a laptop through a metal detector can cause damage to the hard drive. The metal detector can also ruin any magnetic component of the computer. Both hand wand metal detectors and walk-through... Read More »

What is the best enhancement relic?

On One Hand: Highest Item Level TotemsIn the multiplayer online game, "World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King", patch 3.3, the highest item level relics (or totems) for enhancement shamans are the "... Read More »

What type of wave does a metal detector use?

Metal detectors use radio waves. When a metal detector passes over a metallic object, a magnetic field is created between the coil in a metal detector and the metal object. This magnetic field inte... Read More »