What metal are radio antennas made of?

Answer Copper, aluminum and steel are commonly used to make radio antennas. While the materials have different properties--copper is more flexible, aluminum is lighter and steel is stronger--there is not ... Read More »

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Types of Metal Used for Radio Antennas?

Radio antennas, or aerials, are commonly used to receive and transmit radio waves in cell phones, spacecraft communication systems, wireless local area networks (LANs), point-to-point radio communi... Read More »

How do I make radio antennas?

Build the "X" FramePut together two pieces of plastic or wood, about 30 to 40 inches long, to create an “X” shape. Attach the “X” in the middle using either glue, a nail or thumbtacks.Creat... Read More »

Types of Radio Frequency Antennas?

A radio frequency (RF) antenna is a pole or multiple poles that capture and transmit radio frequencies to an electronic device. There are different types of radio frequency antenna and their functi... Read More »

Who Designed Retractable Car Radio Antennas?

Boon Hoong Ooi and David McClintock designed the retractable radio antenna assembly with a radio frequency radiating element. The radio antenna is connected to an electrical circuit inside a plasti... Read More »