What metal are pop tops made of?

Answer The pop-top opening tabs found on most soda cans are made of the same metal as the can itself: aluminum. While tin-plated steel used to be common, aluminum is easier to recycle and is more widely u... Read More »

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If you aren't supposed to heat metal in the microwave, how come the interior is made of metal?

The metal in a microwave oven does not react because the edges are smooth. You could place a plain spoon with Absolutely no decoration in a nuker and it will not spark. But if you place a fork in t... Read More »

Why are lap tops called lap tops s they are so much easierto une on table tops.?

Possibly because it was invented for people in the working world who worked everywhere like on trains, buses, the park. And they put it on TOP of their LAP hence you get LAPTOP i think (Caps for em... Read More »

What metal are old metal milk jugs made from?

Old metal milk jugs, also called milk cans, were made from galvanized tin. They came in 3- and 5-gallon varieties and were used from the time of the Civil War until the 1930s.References:History San... Read More »

What metal are meteorites made of?

No two meteorites have the same metallic consistency. However, the most common metal found in meteorites is iron. Nickel is also common, and some meteorites simply are not made of metal.References:... Read More »