What memory cards work in the Casio Ex-z40 camera?

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What type of memory cards are used with casio cameras?

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Are digital photography memory cards interchangeable with video camera memory cards?

If the camcorder uses, for instance, SD, and the camera uses SD, then yes.The cards are just storage media and are independent of the device. If the device has the right slot, the it will work in i... Read More »

What is the difference between mb&gb for memory cards for a camera?

When choosing a memory card for your camera, you must be sure to pick the right style and size of memory for your needs.What is a Megabyte (MB)?A megabyte (MB) is equivalent to 1,000 kilobytes, whi... Read More »

What type of flesh memory cards need nikon D90 camera?

You just put it down. About 30 seconds after you take your finger off the shutter button, it goes off by itself.