What memory cards will work with a Polaroid a515?

Answer The Polaroid a515 digital camera requires an SD (Secure Digital) card, a type of flash memory card. Although you can find SD cards with sizes up to 32 gigabytes, high capacity (more than 1 gigabyte... Read More »

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Will SDHC cards work with a memory card reader?

SDHC cards will work with card readers. You will, however, need to have an SDHC-compatible card reader, since SDHC cards are not backwards compatible with SD-only devices. Older devices can receive... Read More »

Will Polaroid 600 film work in my Polaroid 1000 camera?

Traditional Polaroid 600 film will work in Polaroid's PIC 1000 camera, a redesign of the Polaroid OneStep camera. The PIC 1000 was unveiled in January 2010 at the International Consumer Electronics... Read More »

Will OEM Polaroid 600 film work in Polaroid cameras?

Since 1986 the only manufacturer of Polaroid 600 film has been Polaroid itself, therefor all post 1986 Polaroid 600 film is OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and will work with all Polaroid 600... Read More »

What memory cards work with Olympus digital cameras?

The types of memory cards that work with Olympus digital cameras are xD-Picture Cards. They range in size from 256 MB to 2 GB. Some Olympus digital cameras may take microSD cards when used in conju... Read More »