What mega pixal is the Nikon s570?

Answer gas-solid.

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How many pictures on a 8gb memory card in a 12 mega pixal digital camera?

I have an 8gig card in a 10 mp camera, and it held about 2200 pics, so probably somewhere around there. ~Scorpy~

How much does a nikon coolpix s570 cost?

That refers to the maximum aperture of a lens.Inside the lens, a diaphragm can be contracted or kept open to restrict or allow light to hit the sensor/filmIt can be confusing because the setting th... Read More »

Can your nikon coolpix S570 be a webcam?

yes, u just need to buy a usb device called "easycap"

Why won't the flash menu on a nikon coolpix s570 show?

no .... as p100 is not a dslr , u cant change its lens.