What medicines will decrease effectiveness of birth control?

Answer Many women taking birth control pills worry that certain medications can affect the overall benefits from the pill. The use of antibiotics can decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills.Type... Read More »

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Does the numbing injection that you get at the dentist for a filling decrease the effectiveness of the birth control pill?

Answer Asked the doctor, the numbing injection does not decrease effectiveness.

Birth control effectiveness?

I was on the pill for years and years, with nary a side effect or pregnancy scare during all that time. It worked great for me. I never used a second birth control method with it, but you do what... Read More »

Does penicillin reduce the effectiveness of birth control?

On One Hand: Penicillin Reduces Birth Control EffectivenessWomen who take birth control pills--especially in low doses--potentially face a greater risk of becoming pregnant if they take penicillin ... Read More »

Can antibiotics reduce effectiveness of birth control pills?

Some antibiotics like penicillin, tetracyclines and rifampin have the potential to reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills or oral contraceptives. The risk is highest in women who take low-... Read More »