What medicines to take with twin block braces?

Answer Advil or Tylenol or Benadryl

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How to Survive Living With Twin Block Braces (Teens)?

Everyone knows that life can be quite hard as a teen and having twin blocks doesn't help, this is a guide for living with twin blocks.

What medicines can you take for shin splints?

Although wearing neoprene sleeves on the lower legs and certain taping methods can relieve some of the discomfort in the lower leg commonly referred to as "shin splints," the only real treatment fo... Read More »

What medicines can pregnant women take for vomiting?

Call your Dr right away if you feel that the vomiting is serious enough to need medication.

Has anyone miscarried a twin and had a successful pregnancy with the other twin?

sweetie i havent been through an iui or a twin pregnancy but from everything you have said it certainly sounds like a very real possibility. what you describe is how my miscarriages started (lost 2... Read More »