What medicines shoul the first aid kit contain?

Answer alcohol, antiseptic ointments, anti itch creams...benzocain too

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Medicines that contain alcohol?

If it's an emergency situation, or there are no other alternatives, then it is not haram. But it is best to find an alternative if there are any available. Allahu alim. Read More »

Who was the first person to invent prescription medicines?

The concept of prescription medicine dates back thousands of years, so there is no record of the individual who invented prescription drugs. Clay tablets inscribed with the remedy for an illness ha... Read More »

Who was the first scientist to discover allergy medicines?

According to the Auckland Allergy Clinic, Daniel Bovet created antihistamines in 1937. During an allergic reaction, your body produces a chemical called histamine. Antihistamines block the release ... Read More »

Why are alternative medicines more preferred than primary medicines?

They work,without dangerous side effects.