What medicines can cause seizures?

Answer Every person's brain has what is known as a "seizure threshold." When the threshold is crossed, the brain responds by having a seizure. Although many factors may cause seizures, certain medicatio... Read More »

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What can cause seizures?

Seizures indicate abnormal activity in the brain. It is often difficult to determine the cause of seizure activity. When no known cause is determined, the patient is given the diagnosis of epilepsy... Read More »

What can cause seizures in toddlers?

Seizures happen when electrical activity surges in the brain. It can affect how the person acts or feels. Seizures are not a disease but can be symptoms of a disorder or medical problem that affect... Read More »

What is the cause of seizures in dogs?

The onset of seizures in a dog can be a confusing and frightening experience for a pet owner. Seizures in canines can be caused by a variety of conditions and circumstances.EpilepsyThe most common ... Read More »

What could cause seizures?

Seizures, sudden increased electrical activity in the brain that interferes with normal brain function, can have many causes, ranging from infections to drug reactions.TypesSeizures generally fall ... Read More »