What medicine do you take for a bladder infection?

Answer On One Hand: FIrst Line TreatmentsUncomplicated urinary tract infections are a very common medical condition in women. Patients typically present with pain with urination, increased urinary freque... Read More »

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Medicine for a Bladder Infection in a Dog?

Bladder infections are relatively common in dogs. Your dog's symptoms could include pain while urinating, the need to urinate more often, and bloody, discolored or foul-smelling urine. At times, he... Read More »

Bladder Infection Medicine for Dogs?

Canine bladder infections (also known as urinary tract infections or UTIs) occur when bacteria enter the bladder and urethra and begin to grow and reproduce. This infection causes discomfort and oc... Read More »

How long does a cat bladder infection take to clear up with medicine?

On One Hand: Positive Results QuicklyOn the one hand, if your vet has prescribed an antibiotic such as Clavamox, you'll probably start seeing positive results in as little as 48 hours. Don't be fo... Read More »

Is a urinary tract infection the same as a bladder infection?

On One Hand: There is More to a Urinary Tract Than a BladderEvery bladder infection can fairly be categorized as a urinary tract infection, although not every urinary tract infection is a bladder i... Read More »