What medicine can you take for a sinus infection?

Answer A sinus infection can cause a stuffy or runny nose, sinus headaches, ear pain and a sore throat. Over-the-counter and prescription medications are available to treat sinus infection symptoms.Over-t... Read More »

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Sinus infection?

Yes it can. Also, a person with sinus infection will have tender areas on the cheekbones below the eyes and also above eyebrows. There may be also a yellow/green discharge from the nose.

How do you fly with a sinus infection?

It is not wise to fly with a sinus infection. The pressure, ear pains and headaches increase with cabin pressure, creating quite uncomfortable if not intolerable discomfort. But, when avoiding fl... Read More »

Is this a sinus infection?

Yes, these are symptoms of a sinus infection. Go to a doctor & have him prescribe Augmenton to you to cure the infection. Left alone, sinusitis can cause lots of problems.

What is the best medicine for head ache(sinus)?

Medicated steam inhalation may work best in your case. fill a vessel half full of water' Add a little of eucalyptus or tincture of benzoin, or vicks vaporub. boil the mixture. Inhale the steam com... Read More »