What medications can you take if you are pregnant and have a cold?

Answer Generally any over the counter medication is ok.

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How to Get Rid of a Cold Without Using Medications?

Stuck with an annoying cold? Cutting into your busy lifestyle? But don't trust the medications or can't afford them? Here are some simple steps to getting rid of the aches and coughs with a quick g... Read More »

Which cold medications are not recommended for people who are on high blood pressure medication?

I have hypertension too and the only meds I can take for colds and flu are Coricidin HBP and Robetussin DM.You can also try vinegar and honey mixture for sore throat and gargling with warm salt wat... Read More »

What pain medications to take when trying to get pregnant?

Many are not. Check with your doctor before taking any medication while pregnant.

Are there any medications you can take to become pregnant faster?