What medications are harmful to the fetus?

Answer Answer I am not an expert, but I remember throughout my three pregnancies being told that I may only take Tylenol products (even Tylenol cold or sinus products are okay). Any pharmacist would be m... Read More »

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What are the harmful effects of teratogens to the fetus?

Teratogens can result in several physical defects to the foetus

What harmful substance that can cross the placenta and harm the fetus?

Is anemia harmful to the fetus?

On One Hand: It Will Not Harm the BabyIn a healthy, normal pregnancy, anemia will not harm your unborn child. The baby will draw from your iron reserves, even if you are low in iron. Your doctor ma... Read More »

Is a low blood count harmful for a fetus?

It is not good if your blood count drops below 30 percent. If your blood count is low, you can become iron-deficient and will have iron-deficiency anemia. Taking iron in prenatal vitamins or additi... Read More »