What medication is best for sciatica?

Answer On One Hand: Anti-inflammatories Are The Place to StartSince sciatica is usually caused by pressure or irritation around the sciatic nerve, over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory medications may offer... Read More »

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What medication can you take for sciatica while pregnant?

Answer Yes it does. Vaginal discharge is quite a lot during pregnancy.

You were given a morning sickness medication in 1973 that was later found to cause miscarriages in adult women of the mothers who took this medication what was the name?

DES, or diethystilbestrol, was a medication given to women to reduce the risk of miscarriage, and was later found to be associated with reproductive system problems in the children of those women w... Read More »

You are on lisopress high blood medication and want to become pregnant is this safe or what medication is?

The medication is called "Duramorph"-- it is a long-acting morphine.

Can anyone recommend a good acne medication besides over the counter medication like Clearsil?

My boyfriend and I used Origins - Make a difference - Skin rejuvenating treatment. It helped to clear our face...use it in the morning and night everyday and it helps to heal the scars and prevent ... Read More »