What medication does a diabetic need?

Answer Diabetes indicates high blood sugar. This can cause a number of complications. A diabetic might require several medications to manage blood sugar as well as complications that can arise from diabet... Read More »

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Lizards and Diabetic Medication?

As improbable a connection as lizards and diabetes might seem, there is a tie. The injectable drug Byetta (exenatide) is a synthetic version of a chemical found in the saliva of the gila monster, ... Read More »

Why would a diabetic on medication sleep too much?

Diabetes is a serious disorder of the body's metabolism, often resulting in a variety of complications, such as excessive thirst and urination, abnormal weight loss and fatigue. Even when treated w... Read More »

I am a diabetic, what can I do to help control my blood sugar because I would like to get off medication.?

My advice to you would be to set a goal of reducing your blood sugar level (average) instead setting the goal of getting of medication. This will happen if you lower your levels. Keep doing what yo... Read More »

What are the levels for the diabetic sliding medication administering scale?

Diabetic patients should administer insulin per their physicians' instructions. Some physicians may suggest using a formula, such as by determining the difference between the actual blood sugar lev... Read More »