What medication does a diabetic need?

Answer Diabetes indicates high blood sugar. This can cause a number of complications. A diabetic might require several medications to manage blood sugar as well as complications that can arise from diabet... Read More »

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What are the levels for the diabetic sliding medication administering scale?

Diabetic patients should administer insulin per their physicians' instructions. Some physicians may suggest using a formula, such as by determining the difference between the actual blood sugar lev... Read More »

I am a diabetic, what can I do to help control my blood sugar because I would like to get off medication.?

My advice to you would be to set a goal of reducing your blood sugar level (average) instead setting the goal of getting of medication. This will happen if you lower your levels. Keep doing what yo... Read More »

Lizards and Diabetic Medication?

As improbable a connection as lizards and diabetes might seem, there is a tie. The injectable drug Byetta (exenatide) is a synthetic version of a chemical found in the saliva of the gila monster, ... Read More »

Husband just found out he was Diabetic. What does he need to know?

With diabetes, ignorance is NOT bliss. You both need to learn about this disease, its going to be a permanent part of your lives. If he's type 2, get him this book, it will really help...The First ... Read More »