What means does the US use to make a country cooperate with us?

Answer Armed force

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Does your hair cooperate with you?

No, I find things work best if I try to cooperate with my hair. Meaning: if I know it's going to be windy or humid I'll go for a tousled, curly windswept look rather than waste a morning trying to... Read More »

What if the cout make a decison that the non-custodian parent suppose to see the child on all major holidays and the custodian parent donot want to cooperate with that decision in California?

drag them back to court and let the judge know that they are not following thecourt order. they will comply or be in contempt

What country uses the term scallion which means spring onions?

Jamaica uses the term scallions to describe spring onions.

With proper authorization DoD intelligence components are authorized to cooperate with law enforcement authorities for the purpose of?