What means a crease behind the ear?

Answer Call your doctor or the hospital and ask what to do ASAP. Although a 38.7 C/101 F fever is a serious fever, I don't think it's cause for panic. Make sure your child is consuming enough liquids and ... Read More »

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Is there a crease violation in the nhl?

In the NHL, a goalkeeper is given a small blue area in front of the goal for protection. According to NHL rules, an attacking player cannot intentionally enter this crease to interfere with a puck ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Red Stomach Crease?

If you are overweight or obese, you may have noticed a red area or crease in your stomach. You may have thought it's just chapped or irritated skin. But the real cause for this unsightly annoyance... Read More »

How to Make Your Eye Crease Look Higher?

Manipulate the location of your eye crease, or at least the appearance of it, with makeup. Regardless of your eye shape or color, you can get a wider eye look with the proper makeup application rat... Read More »

How to Get Crease Free Clothes?

If you're like me and hate ironing, fear not! Help is at hand!