What mean range of 16 bit compiler, and why that is from -32768 to32767?

Answer Reason is simple.Each Bit can store either 0 or 1. So a 16 bit compiler range can have 2 raise to 16 which means 65536 permutations of 0s and 1s. Now divide 65536 by 2. It comes to 32768. Now, sinc... Read More »

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What are the differences between a compiler, a JIT compiler, and an interpreter?

Interpreter: Code is read and executed 1 line at a time from the original source code file. BASIC would be a good example of this type of language.Compiler: Source code is compiled into an execut... Read More »

What will be the actual range of cholesterol that it called as normal range?

* Total Cholesterol: Normal level-- less than 200 mg/dL.(Desirable level corresponding to lower risk for heart disease).* HDL cholesterol< 40 mg/dL for men, < 50 mg/dL for women (Low HDL cholestero... Read More »

How to Get from 50 Range to 80 Range in RuneScape (Members)?

What compiler to use for C++?

They aren't the same, but they should both compile standard C++. You can install Visual C++ 2008 Express for free, by following the instructions in this video: Read More »