What may increase a child’s vulnerability to abuse?

Answer Social Factors Poverty (latch-key kids, malnutrition) Isolation (lack of friends/objective family) Substance abuse (drugs, alcohol, tabacco)Physical Factors Dependence due to diabil... Read More »

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What social factors may increase the child's vulnerability to abuse?

There is no single known cause of child maltreatment. Nor is there any single description that captures all families in which children are victims of abuse and neglect. Child maltreatment occurs ac... Read More »

Is it child abuse to put soap in a childs mouth?

How can media sources be used to increase a childs psychosocial development?

You must watch the media with your child. When he/she has a question, put the media (Video/DVD) on pause, answer the child and provide an explanation. If you are watching television, you can comme... Read More »

Why does alcohol and drug abuse increase the risk of suicide?

Alcohol and drugs impair one's ability to use good judgment and make competent, well thought out decisions.