What may be some job interview questions that a daycare may ask?

Answer Corporate/franchise centers are more thorough in their interview process. Besides the obvious questions, here are some things to think about:1. Teaching philosophy2. Educational philosophy3. Bitin... Read More »

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What are some job interview questions at a daycare?

- Are you familiar with our centre's philosophy? - How would you handle conflict in the classroom?- One child hits another on the head with a car--step by step how would you handle this situation?-... Read More »

Daycare job interview questions?

They will most likely ask you to tell them about yourself. Keep if short and sweet. I usually say my name, my age, where I graduated from and what year, my major, and the city I live in and with wh... Read More »

What kinds of questions do they during a job interview at a daycare center?

mommy068 is correct. We tend to ask open ended questions that get you talking. It's amazing what we learn regarding that person.If you really don't know the answer, be honest. It's okay to say t... Read More »

I have an interview at a daycare center...?

sometimes the best references are family but for a job neighbors or parents of kids/ previous emplyees that you've had playdates are better. good luck in your search. they wnat to know you are eff... Read More »