What math is used in pharmacy?

Answer If a pharmacist miscalculates the dose of a prescription, she puts the patient's life at risk. Every day, pharmacists count pills and convert dosages from ounces or grams to teaspoons and tablespoo... Read More »

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The Easy Way to Learn Pharmacy Math?

In the pharmacy, people's lives are on the line. Pharmacy math demands a high degree of accuracy and is not to be taken lightly. Although modern pharmacies rely heavily on computers to perform ma... Read More »

Easiest Way to Learn Pharmacy Math?

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians use a mathematical system called pharmacy math (sometimes called the apothecaries' system). While the metric system has units for volume, length and weight, pha... Read More »

What is the pharmacy NABP number of Liberty Medical Supply Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia?

The Liberty Medical Supply Pharmacy as of August 14, 2010 does not have a NABP number. The National Association of Boards of Phamarcies is the leading trade organization for pharmacies in America. ... Read More »

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Teachers and parents realize the importance of activities or games that reinforce learning concepts and allow children to get a real-world grasp on ideas and concepts. This is especially important ... Read More »