What math is used in pharmacy?

Answer If a pharmacist miscalculates the dose of a prescription, she puts the patient's life at risk. Every day, pharmacists count pills and convert dosages from ounces or grams to teaspoons and tablespoo... Read More »

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Easiest Way to Learn Pharmacy Math?

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians use a mathematical system called pharmacy math (sometimes called the apothecaries' system). While the metric system has units for volume, length and weight, pha... Read More »

The Easy Way to Learn Pharmacy Math?

In the pharmacy, people's lives are on the line. Pharmacy math demands a high degree of accuracy and is not to be taken lightly. Although modern pharmacies rely heavily on computers to perform ma... Read More »

What is the pharmacy NABP number of Liberty Medical Supply Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia?

The Liberty Medical Supply Pharmacy as of August 14, 2010 does not have a NABP number. The National Association of Boards of Phamarcies is the leading trade organization for pharmacies in America. ... Read More »

How to Convert Your Pharmacy Degree Into a Doctor of Pharmacy?

The doctor of pharmacy degree (PharmD) replaced the bachelor of pharmacy degree (BPharm) program in the United States. The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education changed the degree requiremen... Read More »