What materials should and shouldn't be added to a compost pile?

Answer Anything that breaks down over time can be added to the pile. Plastics, glass, rocks, metals and large bones, won't break down very well, so they should be avoided. Anything that rots can be added.

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Should you have maggots in your compost pile?

Maggots are fine. They assist with breaking down the particles.

What is a compost pile used for?

A compost pile serves as a long-term source of nutrients to enrich the soil. It improves soil structure, enables the soil to hold water longer, supplies the soil with significant quantities of orga... Read More »

What can be put into a compost pile?

Pretty much anything from plants. You want a mix of greens stuff (grass, raw vegetables) and brown stuff (Dried grass, leaves, coffee grounds). You should avoid any animal products, particularly m... Read More »

What is an organic way to keep flies away from a compost pile?

Answer If there are flies in a compost pile, there's an inbalance between carbon and nitrogen in the pile. There are a couple of ways to keep flies away from your compost pile... First of all try ... Read More »