What material is shag carpet made of?

Answer Shag is a type of carpet that is characterized by loops of material coming out of the base of the carpet. It can be made of many different materials. Some of the common materials used in shag carpe... Read More »

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How do I clean my shag pile carpet?

Follow Specific Cleaning InstructionsContact the manufacturer of your shag carpet or read any cleaning information that came with the carpet. Find out what type of vacuum or cleaner to use on the c... Read More »

How best to replace stanky, shag carpet?

You definitely need elbow length extra thick gloves and a mask - such old and stinky carpets emit fumes that make you nauseous, so make sure it is in well-ventilated area. All those years of her ni... Read More »

Old Ironsides was made of what material?

What material is Tupperware made of?

Tupperware is made from a variety of plastics. Tupperware inventor Earl Tupper, a DuPont chemist, took a new plastic in 1942, polyethylene, and built a fortune from storage containers made of it. T... Read More »