What material is polyester made out of?

Answer Polyester is a synthetic substance, made of long chain polymers derived from air, water, petroleum and coal. Polyester fabric is available in two varieties; PET, which is stronger and often blended... Read More »

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What Is Polyester Taffeta Material?

Polyester taffeta is made to imitate silk taffeta, which is one of the oldest luxury fabrics in the world, dating to the third century when it was woven by Persian artisans. Applications using poly... Read More »

How to Clean Oil From Polyester Material?

Polyester is a synthetic material that, in general, is simiple to wash and to care for. Oily stains on this fabric may easily set, however, if you don’t treat the stain properly. Whether the oil ... Read More »

Can you use polyester material for a dress shield?

In 1975, Irvin S. DeWoskin filed a patent for a dress shield calling for two layers of polyester surrounding an inner layer. Polyester maintains its shape when wet, resists mildew and retains iron-... Read More »

How to Remove Dried Fingernail Polish From Polyester Material?

Even though polyester is a durable material, nail polish of all colors can leave troublesome stains on the fabric. It is best to remove the nail polish from the polyester as soon as possible. Once ... Read More »