What material is Tupperware made of?

Answer Tupperware is made from a variety of plastics. Tupperware inventor Earl Tupper, a DuPont chemist, took a new plastic in 1942, polyethylene, and built a fortune from storage containers made of it. T... Read More »

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What is Tupperware plastic made of?

Popular food storage container company Tupperware has been creating plastic containers in a variety of sizes for over sixty years. Although the original containers may have been made from a differe... Read More »

What country is Tupperware made in?

Tupperware products are made in manufacturing plants around the world. Tupperware Brands Corp., which own Tupperware, has plants in the United States, Mexico, India, Belgium, France, Portugal, Gree... Read More »

What type of plastic is Tupperware made of?

Tupperware has a large line of products that are made with a variety of different plastics. These include polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, bisphenol A, polyamide, polypropylene thermopla... Read More »

Is Tupperware still made in the USA?

Tupperware has several factories located in different parts of the world. Tupperware's main design and manufacturing location is in Melbourne, Australia. Tupperware has a plant located in the Unite... Read More »