What material conducts heat the fastest between metal, plastic&wood?

Answer Metal is the best conductor of heat among the choices of metal, plastic and wood. "Metals usually conduct heat extremely well, which explains the use of iron and copper in cooking utensils," writes... Read More »

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What material would melt ice the fastest?

The University of New Hampshire reports the fastest and most efficient material used for melting ice is calcium chloride. Available as flakes, pellets or liquid, calcium chloride is often mixed wit... Read More »

What material makes ice melt the fastest?

The compounds most commonly used in manufactured ice-melting products include rock salt, calcium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride. Calcium chloride is the most effective of these... Read More »

Which material holds in the most passive solar heat?

A thermal mass wall, such as concrete, is the best type of material for holding passive solar heat. This is the case because concrete emits heat in a slow and steady manner.References:Calfinder: T... Read More »

Is propylene glycol a better heat transfer material than water?

The ability of a material to transfer heat is described by its thermal conductivity, usually stated in units of watts per meter Kelvin (W/m.K). At around room temperature, the thermal conductivity ... Read More »