What material are turbine blades made of?

Answer Turbine blades are made of different materials depending on what type of turbine it is. In a jet engine, they are made out of titanium. In a wind turbine, they are made from a composite of glass an... Read More »

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What are turbine rotor blades made of?

Turbine rotor blades can be made of wood, metals such as steel or aluminum, or fiberglass according to the KidWind Project, which brings together experts to create a hands-on learning experience fo... Read More »

How big are wind turbine blades?

Wind turbine blades range from 1 foot to more than 237 feet (roughly 72.5 meters) in length as of 2010. As wind turbines continue to grow in size--increasing power generation capability--the length... Read More »

How big are blades on a 3 mw wind turbine?

A typical 3 megawatt wind turbine has three rotor blades with a total diameter from between 295 feet to 334 feet--so the length of a single blade is approximately half that. The rotational speed of... Read More »

How many blades are recommended on a wind turbine?

The wind energy website Renewable UK reports the recommended number of blades on a wind turbine is dependent on the purpose of the turbine. An electricity producing wind turbine requires high speed... Read More »