What material are tires made from?

Answer Tires are made from different types of rubber, along with special oils, carbon black, pigments, antioxidants, silica and other additives, that are added to provide the exact characteristics for the... Read More »

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What raw material is plastic made from?

Plastic is a polymer converted from various natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas and coal. A polymer is a large molecule composed of linked series of repeated smaller molecules called m... Read More »

What material is an ipad 2 made from?

What material is a Glock made from?

A Glock is made from a highly durable material known as a polymer. According to Glock Parts, this material is "known to be even more resilient than steel itself." Because a polymer is lightweight,... Read More »

What material are headphones made from?

Modern headphones are generally highly engineered, mass-produced and made with sophisticated plastics, silicone, artificial leather, rubber, textiles, vinyl and foam materials.