What material are paper clips made from?

Answer Paper clips are made from thin, galvanized steel wire. Steel wire is used because it has an elastic quality that allows it to be bent and twisted into the shape of a paper clip.Source:Idea Finder: ... Read More »

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What are paper clips made of?

Paper clips are usually made of steel wire. Paper clips can be made from cheap, light steel or higher quality steel, depending on the company producing them. The material must meet certain physical... Read More »

What type of metal are paper clips made out of?

Galvanized steel wire is the traditional medium for paper clips. Modern fabrication methods for wire originated in the 1870s. Inventors raced to perfect the design. Several patents were issued in t... Read More »

What material are headphones made from?

Modern headphones are generally highly engineered, mass-produced and made with sophisticated plastics, silicone, artificial leather, rubber, textiles, vinyl and foam materials.

What material is a Glock made from?

A Glock is made from a highly durable material known as a polymer. According to Glock Parts, this material is "known to be even more resilient than steel itself." Because a polymer is lightweight,... Read More »