What marks the birth process?

Answer During your pregnancy, when your water breaks, that is the beginning of the birthing process.

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Why do we get birth marks?

lol it is believed that when the mother is pregnant and she really wants to eat a certain kind of food and she doesn't, the baby gets a birth mark. the explanation to this may be that the baby need... Read More »

How to Cover Birth Marks?

While some find birthmarks cute, others simply wish them gone. With advances in technology, laser treatments, which are used to fade birthmarks, have become readily available. However, if you do no... Read More »

What is the process of child's birth?

In, Out, In, Out, Ahh my periods not come- 9 months later- push, push, push, push, 'SNIP!' 'Waa- Waa'

The process of giving birth is known as?