What makeup/clothes should I wear for Warped?

Answer Definitely wear light makeup!!! it get soooooo hot -___- and they hardly ever have any shade. so if you put alot the weat and sun will make it run! wear light clothing cuz your will most likely com... Read More »

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What to Wear to the Warped Tour?

The Warped Tour is a festival in which extreme sports and music come together. It is sponsored by Vans and was founded in 1994. Originally featuring only punk rock bands, the Warped Tour has grown ... Read More »

What Is Warped Rotors?

Brake rotors are the round metal component of a vehicle's braking system that is fastened to the hub. It is a key part of the brake system on any vehicle equipped with disc brakes.

How to Fix a Warped Disc?

A brake disc is the round, disc-shaped component on a car's brakes. When the brake pedal is applied, the brake pads inside the caliper squeeze the brake disc, which slows the car. Brake discs are s... Read More »

How to Fix Warped Lumber?

When wood and moisture mix, the result is often negative. Lumber exposed to significant moisture can begin warping, a condition in which the wood fibers loosen and take on an odd shape. This phenom... Read More »