What causes your skin to itch?

Answer Just some stuff i found on a website:The average human body is covered by about 20 square feet (2 square meters) of skin. Skin is the only organ that is constantly exposed to potential irritation. ... Read More »

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Does anyone know a real skin supplement that makes your skin glow ?

Homeopathic Beauty tips (Plastic Medicines to improve Complexion/Glow) :-For dry and rough skin. Aversion to take bath; scratching of the effected lesions Sulphur 30(3 Doses) or 200 (6 Doses), week... Read More »

What Makes Us Itch.......?

a release of a chemical called histamines.

What supplement makes your skin super soft ?

Here are some tips for beautiful skin :* Don't go to bed with makeup on. Makeup left on overnight seeps into your pores, clogs them, and congests your skin. Make sure that you wash your face twice ... Read More »

My bra makes my boobs itch?

You need a different material.I used to wear cotton bras, and my boobs would itch like crazy because if it was a particularly hot day, the fabric would get wet.Now I buy bras made out of a silky ty... Read More »