What makes your iPad 2 battery go so fast?

Answer You have download puffin web browser on apple. It has two version one is free and the other one is $1.99.

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What makes battery to charge fast.. Higher Voltage or More Ampere?

From my understanding voltage. The higher the voltage the more "pressure" is flowing. Think of it this way....electricity AC or DC is like water running through a garden hose.....the water itself i... Read More »

How Many mAh Are in an iPad Battery?

At the time of publication, the iPad 2 is the current version of the popular tablet computer and is powered by a standard lithium-polymer battery that, when fully charged, holds 6,930 milliamp hour... Read More »

Can you buy a new battery for your iPad 2?

yes at the apple store get an external battery for your iPad 2 may be the right choice, like mophie, mili, etc.

Does the iPad 2 have a removable battery?

Depends on your definition of removable, you can remove it, just not as easily as most devices, instead of there being a screw to take out or a button to press, you actually need to work yourself i... Read More »