Does anyone know what it mean when you can hear your heart beating in your ears?

Answer it doesn't mean anything it happens all the time but i suspect that happens when theres to much blood rushing to your head other then that guess i have no idea.

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What is the best way to unpop your ears?

Try these in this order:1) yawn2) pinch your nose and blow gently. DON"T PUT ALL YOU'VE GOT INTO IT. If your ears don't clear this way, you can damage your eardrum if you blow too hard.3) take ... Read More »

Girls, what age did you get your ears pierced at?

I was 10, for my birthday, and it was my decision.

What are the treatments for ringing in your ears?

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is not a condition itself; it is usually a symptom of some other underlying condition such as an ear injury or a disorder of the circulatory system, according to the ... Read More »

What happens when your ears pop?

When you fly in an airplane or ride in a car heading up a steep hill, you may feel your ears pop. says when air pressure decreases and the number of molecules of air around you ... Read More »